7 Best Edible Printers – Information That Nobody Shared With You

You can transform all printers into edible printers. Just change the cartridges and ink. If these ( ink and carriages) are edible, you are good to go. 

Can you tell us what comes first after reading the following statement? Maybe you are headed to the online store to find the best edible printers for your cake, wafer, chocolate, or pizza. 

Wait! Don’t go now. One thing you might be missing. That is, all printers can be turned into edible printers. But all of them can not give you the same output. Believe it or not! We have the proof. 

Around 70% of professional pastry chefs said they are not satisfied with regular printers. The reason is the quality – the picture gets bandy, color saturation falls, and the text gets spoiled. 

Eventually, this problem makes them frustrated. They get even tired of finding the right printer for their own designs. So, no more frustration. Read our best edible printers review that nobody shared with you.

Here are the best edible printers

  1. Canon PIXMA IX6820 – Best for professional bakers
  2. Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220 – Best for sharp quality image
  3. Canon TS702 PIXMA – Best for overall use
  4. Canon G3200 Megatank – Best budget-friendly edible printer
  5. Canon edible printer Elite – Best all kind of edible ink use
  6. Canon IP8720 – Best for edible wafer paper

What are the things to check before buying an edible printer?


As a pastry chef, your baking table tends to have numerous pieces of equipment. The printer should be fitted with the workstation. Minimal size is good enough for you. It will help you to make your baking better.


Try to find some good edible inks. Canon provides the best edible inks. Numerous health experts have recommended their ink.

It’s because of the ingredients. Their purified water is not outsourced. Canon produces with the inspection of the best experts. So, pick the printer based on the ink quality.


Choosing the right cartridge is tough. If you follow the following rules, it will be easier. 

  • Find the exact number for your model.
  • Consider your cartridge needs. Is it standard or high-yield? 
  • Go for the original. Compatible edible inks do not serve the right purpose.

Before choosing the printer, consider the mentioned area. If your printer cartridge is available, go for that. 


All brands do not serve the same purpose. Some edible printers are best for cake. Others are good for cookies and pizza. What is your primary purpose? 

Find that first. Epson and Canon offer multi-type sheet compatibility. You can print icing, frosting, cookies, wafer, and pizza sheets on these printers.


USB Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the best combinations. It’s a trend for fast working. People are now moving into cloud printing. So better connectivity could be a great option.   


The edible printer counts the speed. But not as like the regular printer. The reason is the print quality. If your chosen printer has a balanced printing speed of 3 to 4 ppm for high-resolution images. 


We cannot say you will find the best budget edible printers. Still, a moderate budget estimation can help you out. Entry-level bakers may compromise lightly. In that case, see the 5th or 4th product. 

Canon vs Epson Edible Printer – Which One Should You Choose?

We will recommend you to choose Canon. Here are some considering factors. 

Printhead Adjustment

Canon printheads are easy to remove. Their user manual has the instructions. Novice can replace the canon printhead. 

The scenario is different for Epson. No matter how explanatory their manual is, you have to struggle hard enough to replace it.

We found a considerable difference between Canon and Epson. The color adjustment feature seems updated in Canon.

It can transform a low-quality picture into high quality. This is possible for the built-in photoshop plug-in. You use that for mobile printing.

You will not see this same thing in Epson. They produce a decent picture. Expecting something miraculous from this device will be devastating. An average color combination.   

Edible Sheets & Ink

Millions of pastry chefs tried both Canon and Epson. 70% of them voted for Canon. The main reason is the picture quality. The ink and sheets integrate the design accurately. 

We noticed that too. The giant colors were visible in some Epson printers. But the cupcakes, Cookies, Cakes, and Pizzas were perfect with Canon printers. 

Recommendation: Ink & Sheets 

Which Inks are suitable for edible image printing?


Icinginks is highly recommended for all. Their pricing and ink quality are good. We tested the ink over three different cakes. The color is vivid and detailed.

No streak and grainy touch. Everything was visible. Plus, their combo package is affordable. You can use it on all branded printers.

What type of Sheets do I need for edible image printing?

There are tons of brands. We prefer Supreme Icing sheets. It is thick and does not break or crumble easily. The color bending is also satisfying.

Dark fills and backgrounds look clear in it. One more thing supreme offers all brand sheets. No need to worry. 

A Comparision between the top 5 edible printers


Canon PIXMA IX6820

  • 4 Edible Ink Cartridges & beginners friendly.

Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220

  • Copy and scanning features are good.


  • Quality snapshot printing

Canon G3200

  • Strong Photo Output & affordable.

Canon IP8720

  • It has a dedicated app, & works fast with wafer paper.

Review of 7 Best Edible Printer For Cakes, Cupcakes, Wafers, Pizza or Chocolate

1. Canon PIXMA IX6820

1. Canon PIXMA IX6820

  • 4 Edible Ink Cartridges
  • FDA Complaint

Professional or non-professional bakers can work with it. The printer lets you print over multiple foods: cookies, cakes, chocolate, wafers, macarons, and even pizza. So, what does the printing experience look like? Check it below about the package includes. 

Fair enough for us. We tested the print quality on three papers. The frosting sheet showed a tremendous color combination in the edible image. 

The same result was for icing sheets and fondant paper. The chocolate sheets were a bit bandy, but the text was legible in cakes. 

The color saturation was balanced but not high-end. We noticed a difference in some papers. For example, the pizza paper printed blurry. But the icing sheet result was clear and crispy in the edible image. So paper matters. 


Canon claimed 14 ppm speed. It is not the same for all papers. Pizza and chocolate paper took almost 15 pages per minute. 

This speed depends on the device. IOS, mac, and windows have nearly the same speed, which is 14.5 ppm. Contrary, the android speed was slower than we thought. It was 15 pages per minute, so far. Pretty good for a professional baker.


It supports all the latest connectivity features. The wifi option is amazing. The cloud printing feature is also satisfyingly good. We checked the connectivity features both in Mac and windows. The speed worked fine. A slight speed drop was seen in Windows. It happens because of the motherboard capacity.  


  • Wireless printer
  • Inkjet
  • USB and Ethernet.
  • Compatible with MAC and Windows Operating system.


  • Reasonable price
  • Satisfying print quality
  • Good color adjustment.
  • Easy to print the bigger pictures
  • Colorful images


  • Ink installation sounds complex.

2. Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220

2. Canon 2986C002 PIXMA TS6220

  • Copy and scanning features are good.
  • The LCD display shows the instructions properly.

Canon Pixma is not a competitor of its siblings. It offers a better experience in some areas. Notably, print quality and connectivity are the winning factors. Let’s learn more about the package includes.

Compared with the IX series, it has a better printing outcome. The 5 cartridges make it better. We tested the quality over icing sheets. 

Color distribution looked professional for this entry-level device. The text looked clear – it was even smooth after melting with the cake. 

One of the satisfying factors is the outcome for critical prints. We experimented with a $100 picture over an icing sheet.

Holy moly! The outcome was accurate enough. The text color was a bit blurry but not detectable in naked eyes.


We did not like the printing speed. It took 10ppm for 13 icing sheets. The speed was consistent for Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android. We think this feature is winning somehow because the siblings are not consistent on special occasions. 

For example, the wireless option has some dedicated features to choose from. We choose easy printing. It worked quite perfectly for us. 

Same experience was for the app and pc editors. We edited the picture with some stickers. Wow! It took the same amount of time to print. The quality was too good.


Canon has introduced an updated Voice in this printer AI feature. It can easily realize the IFTTT (If this, then that) commands.  Not only that but also the borderless image 8 by 11 prints nicely in this printer.

The printer also offers scanners. We witnessed the print quality of the scanned documents. The text looked legible. But the picture quality is average, you can see severe color shoft in monochrome mood.


  • Auto duplex
  • Wireless, USB, Bluetooth
  • Inkjet
  • LCD display.


  • Good for entry-level.
  • 5 cartridges for better quality.
  • Hassle-free installation.


  • Ink cost seems not fair.

3. Epson Pro Edible Printer Kit -ST2000

3. Epson Pro Edible Printer Kit -ST2000

  • Low Running Cost
  • Lightweight.

Portable printers are on the trend. Epson hooked its users with this trend. Compared to other heavyweight printers, ST2000 can be used as a portable printer as it’s just 25Ibs.

It’s not considered a fully portable one as the weight seems a bit high rather than a regular portable printer. It comes with interesting features for baking chefs. What are those features? 

Printing Quality

Detailed, bright, and eye-catching outcome. The adjectives truly define the quality. Four color variations make it happen.

We noticed the color on a birthday cake, one of our members shared an icing sheet covering the birthday boy’s picture. The picture looked sharp. Dark color was balanced, even the fills and background were satisfying.

Only we did not like the text’s crispness. It was legible but not up to the mark. We are not saying this as a dealbreaker. You can run a small baking business with it.

Icing sheets, wafer paper, and frost sheets integrated well. Three of the papers had the same color saturation. Good enough!


Better speed than Canon Pixma G2200. The G series takes 6 to 7 ppm for icing sheet printing. But the Epson ST takes almost 9 ppm. 

This speed did not fluctuate when we tried the app. Epson app connectivity was pretty fast. Printing speed is also good.  

Edit to print took less than 30 seconds for us. USB and WiFi worked great. Our team tried Wafer paper with USB 2.0. The speed was around 8.5ppm.  


We liked the software and PictBridge feature. Epson offers their software with the printer. You can easily edit the document with it. The software experience is good for us. The same is for the PictBridge.

This technology allows you to connect with all digital cameras who are compatible with PictBridge. 


  • USB WiFi
  • Inkjet
  • Compatible with IOS and Android.
  • PC and Laptop Supported


  • SD flash card memory supported.
  • Print quality is outstanding.
  • Maximum duty cycle
  • edible ink printer


  • Holds only 100 sheets

4. Canon TS702 

4. Canon TS702 

  • 15000 Monthly Duty Cycle.
  • Copy and Scanning are Good.

Regular users rated it 4.5 out of 6 as the best edible ink printer. The reason was quality snapshot printing. Speed and the graphical illustration were good. 

That is why the TS702 won millions of hearts with its normal printing experiences. But did it win the baker’s heart? Check this first-hand experience. 

We noticed a smile when we asked bakers about this printer. They shared a recently printed cake with us. The font accuracy was good; it was around 80 to 90%. Here is an example:

Baking sheet properly melted with the cake without cracking the fonts. We did not see any band or fill drops even in the background. The color saturation was predictably good. 

Our Italic signs were legible even in bare eyes. Five color combinations were solid. The gray was a bit blurry, but it’s not a dealbreaker. Hope you liked the proof for your next edible printing session.


The connectivity speed was good. Our team tested this with Core i7. The processors showed a good speed in ethernet and USB connection. 

Wafer paper and Icing sheets took 23 seconds for 4 by 6 snapshot printing. This speed is comparatively better than Brother and Epson ( similar printers). 

Our only problem was AI voice activation. Voice printing does not work well. We believe it will develop over time.


What we liked the most is the running cost.  It recorded 4 cents for monochrome printing and 22 cents for color printing. This cost is comparatively better than EPSON XP 7100.  


  • AI-based
  • Inkjet
  • USB, Ethernet, WiFi
  • Compatible with Windows, Android, IOS, Mac


  • Good output for small fonts
  • Paper input capacity is massive
  • Mobile devices supported.
  • Canon offers quality edible ink printers.
  • Compatible with google cloud print.


  • The voice activation system is not good enough.( it does not have flash memory drive)

5. Canon G3200 

6. Canon G3200 

  • Strong Photo Output
  • Budget-friendly

The G Series has always had a breathtaking design. This one is none other than that. It is better in print quality with the “No ADF” feature.

You will find a lot of competitors who do not offer ADF. But the baking chefs are still prioritizing this without ADF. Why?  See the detail

To Be Honest! We could place it number one for its quality. But the connectivity and speed constrained us to drop it down. 

Anyway, the G series has goodwill for their print quality in the business. This model has also gained the same acceptance in the food industry.

The color was vibrant and detailed. The font’s satisfying point was 4 to 6 points were visible even after melting the icing sheet.

We thought the cookie and cupcake sheet would fail to reflect the original image. No! The dark backgrounds were pretty clear. No streaks or bands were seen on pizza sheets


Huh! We wish this could be better: 50% speed drop. Yes! You heard that right. The image printing speed was 3ppm. Same speed was for pizza and cupcake sheets.

But a bit faster speed with USB was a green signal for us. WiFi speed was also good for us. It was almost 3.9 ppm. 

Overall connectivity is the major reason for picking this printer by the chefs.Now you might have the question it has so many positive vibes on connection, why did we rank it down? 

Well, devices like HP, Lenovo, and others do not show the same connectivity speed. It results in slow printing speed. But  Mac has static speed. 

Comparing all the features, we found that the connectivity is not satisfying enough though the features are cool!

One more thing we are confirming is the processor speed matters for at least 30% better speed. 


We liked an interesting feature, which is the affordable ink cost for regular printing. If you are intending to use it for regular use, then the ECOtank is the perfect ink investment.

The 135mm ink can ensure 7000 pages of print. This is almost 60% yearly cash savings. 


  • WiFi, USB, 
  • Inkjet
  • Compatible with PC and laptop 


  • Very low running cost.
  • Easy to install.
  • 5 by 5 inches Instagram photo support
  • Compatible with the edible ink.


  • No ADF feature.

6. Canon edible printer Elite ADF

5. Canon edible printer Elite ADF

  • Paper Compatibility is Amazing
  • The Fax and Scanning Feature is Good

A better version from the Canon siblings. Canon made this printer for business purposes. But chefs are relying on it for overall experience.

The 4.3 LCD is one of the reasons for winning hearts. Why? Because the screen allows users to command directly from the screen. Let’s learn more about it. 

Our team went out of the box to test this printer. They tried cupcakes and cookie sheets on it. The quality of the image was more than average.  

It depends on the photo you take. The photos from the DSLR showed a bandy mark. But the smartphone picture did not perform like that. 

The color measure was average. Some graininess we noticed in cupcakes. It is normal for this budget edible printer. 

Starter entrepreneurs can work with it easily. The primary ink adjustment sounds good for us.


Average speed. The cupcake sheet took 60 seconds for 25 pages to print. The cookie sheet was not like that, it took a bit long. However, the icing sheets and wafer sheets were pretty fast. 

We also liked the connectivity speed. USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi connections were fine. The USB printing speed was 20ppm. The WiFi speed was not that much. But handy enough.


We liked the front and rear paper tray. It ensures a smooth work experience with no paper jamming. Auto paper jam cleaner is the major reason.


  • Inkjet
  • Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth
  • Compatible with Pc and Windows
  • IOS and Android Supported.


  • Entry-level printing quality.
  • Compatible with cup and cookie paper
  • ADF compliant.
  • Compatible with all edible ink cartridges


  • The speed for Android could be better.

7. Canon IP8720 

8. Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer

  • The App has Dedicated Features
  • Wafer Paper Works Fast

Canon IX 6820 and IP8720 share the same system. One unique feature in the IP model is the gray color. It creates the picture depth far better than that. What is more? 

Well, we are starting with the printing output. The text and graphics for the cake are good but not average. The images in icing and frosting sheets were grainy. 

We prefer this for a light-themed cake design. The dark theme could not work satisfactorily. A bit of a streak was noticeable in some backgrounds.

Overall, the quality of printing and edible ink was good for us. If you get a good one at this price, better pick that.


Far better than G3200. IP8720 took 55 seconds to print 4 by 6 images on icing sheets. It is far better than some other competitors like Epson and Brother. They shared the less speed for this size.

We also liked the connectivity speed. One thing we noticed is that this model lags with windows 7 and vista. Windows 10 and Mac work speedily with it.


Two things we liked the most. First is the 13 by 19-inch printing which is good enough looking. Next is optical disc printing.

It can print over the printable optical disc. That’s the thing you can do for regular and edible printing.


  • Inkjet
  • Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet.
  • Compatible with smartphones and IOS


  • Budget printer for the photo enthusiast
  • 4 by 6 printing is smooth
  • Software installation is easy.
  • Properly worked with chocolate transfer sheets.
  • Easy mobile printing.


  • The color saturation could be better. 

People Also Asked (FAQs)

Which printer is good for edible image printing?

Canon PIXMA IX6820 is one of the best printers for edible image printing.

Can any printer be an edible printer?

Yes. Any printer can be turned into an edible. Two things you have to ensure, the ink and cartridge. Make sure you are using it for edible purposes from the beginning. Otherwise, there is a high chance of health risk

What is the difference between an edible printer and a normal printer?

The ink, paper, and cartridges are the major difference in an edible printer. 

How long is edible ink good for?

According to experts, it’s 6 to 7 months. More than this is bad for health. We see people using it for one year. Not preferable from our side. 

Can you use a regular printer with edible ink?

Absolutely you can use it. Try to make sure the following: never use that printer you have already used for regular printing purposes. 

What do I need to print on cakes if I only have an edible ink-compatible printer? 

You need three things to order: Icing sheets, edible inks, and cartridges. That’s all. You are all set to go.

Final Words

Our end goal is to give you the taste of the best cake-making experience. We are pretty sure you got that. Each of our products is tested. Each of our members checked the compatibility with icing, wafer, frost, and pizza sheets.

So, no worry. Just head over to get your desired cake and surprise your loved ones. See you next time! 

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