Best Ink For Sublimation Printing [9 Alternatives for 2023]

Tired of cleaning printheads on and on yet you still get dull sublimation prints? If that’s the case, either your sublimation ink isn’t compatible with your printer or your ink really sucks!

You don’t need to do trial and error to find the best sublimation ink for your printer. It’s all about reading the manufacturer’s label and checking the features you need. 

If you want to learn how to do it, read the article below. We have also created a list of 9 exclusive sublimation inks that almost anyone can use.    

So, read along and see if you can find your favorite ink!

In A Hurry? Here’s 3 Best Sublimation Ink We’ve Found

1. Cosmos Ink

Cosmos ink is the best sublimation ink for Epson printers! Paired with heavy sublimation papers, this ink can create warm-bright colors on ceramic, fabrics, metal, and stainless steel items.

2. Hippo Ink

Hiipoo sublimation ink is a steal deal for achieving the best color consistency. It can create smooth vibrant prints for batches without even adjusting ICC color profiles!

3. Printers Jack Sublimation Ink

Printers Jack sublimation ink is all about hassle-free printing! It’s the perfect ink for beginner crafters who don’t want to use ICC profiles, want an easy refilling process, and get perfect ink transfer every time. 

Comparison Table of Best Sublimation Ink

Here’s a glimpse of the 9 best sublimation inks for sublimation printing. 

NameColorsBrand NameBest For
Epson EcoTank Printer Sublimation InkCyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackCosmosVibrant warm-tone Colors
Hiipoo Sublimation Ink for EcoTank SupertankCyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackHiipooConsistent color application
Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation InkCyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackPrinters JackNovice sublimation enthusiasts
Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation InkCyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackSawgrassPrinting efficiency
WOKOK Sublimation Ink Refill Ink KitCyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackWOKOK Printer Compatibility
Tonha 400ML Sublimation Ink RefillCyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackTonhaLow-Budget Projects
TM Autofill Sublimation Ink 400MLCyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackE-Z LinkAutomatic Refill Process
HappyToner Free Syringe Sublimation InkCyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackHappyTonerTime Saver
HTVRONT Sublimation Ink Refill 400mlCyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackHTVRONT Uninterrupted Ink Transfer

9 Best Sublimation Ink Brands

Now, we didn’t just pick sublimation inks based on their features or popularity. You need to trust the manufacturer also. 

In the next sections, you’ll learn what’s so special about these sublimation ink brands.   


Cosmos is one of the fastest-growing sublimation ink brands. It all started when Angelo Bonaparte started a sublimation YouTube channel back in 2017. 

After growing his channel to 500,000 views and over 18,000 subscribers within a year, he started Cosmos as a sublimation ink business.

Since then, the brand has become widely popular among Epson Ecotank and Sawgrass printer users. Cosmos also caught the attention of hobbyists with the launch of fluorescent inks.

cosmos sublimation ink


There are hardly any sublimation enthusiasts who haven’t heard about Hiipoo. It’s a haven for sublimating with Epson convertible printers. 

The reason we chose this brand is its compatibility with multiple substrates. Hiipoo also comes in multiple color sets at an affordable price. 

In fact, it has an 80% success rate considering user satisfaction. Overall, it’s absolutely perfect for DIY crafters and small sublimation businesses. 

Printers Jack

Printers Jack focuses more on the quality of the ink. They process every ink bottle in a 3-tier refinement procedure. All of the bottles get ready for the market only after ensuring less than 0.2 um mixture size. 

Apart from controlling the quality of the ink, they also provide ICC profiles and customer support. 

Moreover, having weekly and occasional deals makes the brand more affordable to DIY sublimation enthusiasts. 


Sawgrass is one of the pioneers in the sublimation industry. For 35 years, this brand has been supporting small and large sublimation business owners. 

The specialty of Sawgrass is offering customized products according to different kinds of printing requirements. 

Moreover, this brand not only produces high-quality sublimation inks but also won the SGIA Product of the Year Award for Digital Inks in 2019. 

You can also join their training programs to learn advanced sublimation techniques. No wonder Sawgrass has so much popularity!  


WOKOK is your go-to sublimation ink brand for inkjet printers. Having a wide range of products, this brand is particularly popular for affordable prices. 

And these products aren’t made of average quality. They are incredible for the low price you pay. 

You can buy inks at a price as cheap as $8 from WOKOK. Moreover, they always have sales going on. Sometimes, it’s on more than 18 products! 

So, WOKOK is always on the priority list for anyone who’s looking for budget-friendly sublimation supplies.  


As a sublimation brand, Tonha has won the hearts of environmentalists. The brand chose eco-friendly designs and materials for the betterment of humanity. 

You can trust the quality of Tonha as it has MSDS and ISO-9001 certification. This means the products Tonha creates are safe to use.

Again, Tonha offers a wide range of applications considering the durability of the product. This is the reason why this brand earned respect and so many positive reviews.

E-Z Ink

E-Z Ink is another pioneer sublimation ink brand that’s revolutionizing the ink and toner cartridge industry in the US. It started back in 2007 and still plays one of the lead roles in the sublimation printing industry.

The reason we chose this brand is its popularity and feasibility. They make different sublimation inks considering different printer models. 

Moreover, if you ever face any trouble with your project, you can seek help from their exclusive community! In short, you can have the best user experience with this brand.   


HappyToner is considerably a young sublimation ink brand trademarked in November 2019. It’s a China-based manufacturing company that produces sublimation inks, especially for Epson inkjet printers.

This brand also has inks lined up for multiple substrate sublimations. However, they are famous for anti-spilling packaging and bright-tone prints. That’s the reason why they have constant repeating customers even being a young brand.     


Now, HTVRONT has taken the sublimation printing business to another level. It has grown 200% of its revenue even amidst the pandemic. 

In 2021, it hit $70 million in annual sales. The reason this brand is so successful is for the global acceptance. Currently, it’s going fierce in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

They have the vision to become the leading sublimation company for DIY crafters and the handmade goods industry. 

This is the reason this brand has been investing in advanced technologies so heavily. It’s a brand that you cannot prevent yourself from relying on. 

9 Best Inks for Sublimation Printing (Specific Products)

1. Best For Warm-Tone Color Prints – Epson EcoTank Printer Sublimation Ink

Bright prints, user-friendly design, and multiple substrate compatibility – a combo you’ll find in Epson EcoTank Sublimation inks. You can also find step-by-step tutorials on the website to properly set up the ink for the best results.  

Moreover, these sublimation inks don’t need to use a color profile necessarily. What’s great is that it supports all models of the Epson EcoTank series. 

The ink doesn’t come with syringes but still doesn’t clog Epson printers. That’s one of the reasons why this sublimation ink is so special. 

Color Accuracy/Print Quality

This sublimation ink is at the top of our priority list because of its rich color. Even with the default print settings, it creates more vivid images than some inks. However, the color accuracy can differ slightly from the manufacturer’s profile.

The purple shades look closer to blue. You might see the yellow and green in light shades sometimes.  

Moreover, the inks slightly change color when pressed with heat. But if you adjust the print settings with the ICC profile correctly, you’ll be able to receive accurate prints.  

So, if you’re looking to sublimate bold colors, Epson EcoTank Sublimation ink is the best choice for you. 


Now, the ink is only compatible with Epson Ecotanks. You won’t receive the same color gamut by using it on any other printer brand. 

As it’s made for EcoTanks, they come in perfect packaging dedicated to Epson EcoTank printers. This means you’ll hardly face any clogging issues with it. 

Now, remember that the sublimation ink is a bit heavily formulated. It’s okay to use light sublimation papers for only printing texts or fine lines. But you’ll need a heavy sublimation paper (like A Sub 125g) for complex and block designs. 


The sublimation ink also allows versatile applications. You can sublimate fabric, metal, stainless steel, and ceramic with it. 

It sublimates equally vibrant in cotton and polyester fabrics. However, we found that it looks more vibrant on metal and stainless steel items. Especially, the ink looks stunning on tumblers.  

However, don’t forget to place a butcher paper while pressing the ink on a heat press. Otherwise, the ink won’t adhere to the item. 

Best Use Cases

Epson EcoTank Printer Sublimation Ink is perfect when you want to sublimate in bright warm-tone colors. In particular, red and blue look the most vibrant with this ink. 

In the case of substrates, you’ll get the best results on cotton t-shirts and metal tumblers.  


  • Model Name: Epson EcoTank Sublimation Ink Refill
  • Brand: Cosmos
  • Compatible Substrates: Cotton, Polyester Fabric, Metal, Stainless Steel.
  • Color: Cyan, Magenta, Photo Black, Yellow
  • Compatible Printers: All Epson EcoTank Models  

What We’ve Like

  • Rich color formula
  • Printing accuracy
  • Multiple substrate compatibility
  • Anti-clogging packaging without a syringe
  • Vibrant prints in default printer settings


  • Smudges in light paper in case of heavy ink block patterns

2. Best For Color Consistency – Hiipoo Sublimation Ink for EcoTank Supertank

Hiipoo Sublimation Ink is excellent for consistent color reproduction with EcoTank Supertank printers. The easy installation process and high pigmentation made us keep this ink in our favorite sublimation ink list.

You’ll be stunned to see the results of using it in Epson convertible printers. It’s a water-based dye sublimation ink with high permeability. 

It fits Ecotank printers without any hassle. Moreover, you can sublimate multiple substrates like polyester fabric, ceramic, wood, and metal.  

The fact that it’s ISO-9001 and MSDS Certified, makes the ink more reliable and trustworthy. 

Color Accuracy/Print Quality

You’ll be amazed by the color accuracy of this sublimation ink. The colors are vibrant and have sharp definitions. You don’t need ICC profiles to adjust the color palette. From bland blue to vivid neon images, you can rock them all!

What’s great is that it doesn’t fade with washes. You can also get the same color consistency even after opening the ink bottle after a year! 

However, make sure you don’t mix the colors with other sublimation inks. Otherwise, you’ll not receive the same results. 

Again, the inks don’t smudge after pressing and come out clean. So, you can definitely count on the print quality Hiipoo provides.  


Now, it’s only compatible with Epson EcoTank models. You won’t need any syringe to refill the tanks. The nozzles fit perfectly in Epson EcoTank printers. As a result, the printer can use the ink efficiently reducing overall operating cost. 

Again, by pairing  A-1 sublimation transfers and high-quality blanks, you’ll be able to create professional prints with this sublimation ink.

Moreover, the ink particles are half the size of the ink outlet. So, the printhead doesn’t clog easily. But the yellow ink can be a bit thick sometimes and you’ll need to squeeze it out. Other than this small drawback, you can clean this Hiipoo sublimation ink easily. 


The Hiipoo Sublimation Ink is a blessing when it comes to sublimating different items. From t-shirts to license plates, you can sublimate almost anything! But you’ll get the best output in polyester t-shirts, coasters, mugs, tiles, and license plates. 

Note that you can’t sublimate on fabric with 30% less polyester material with this sublimation ink. The 50/50 cotton-polyester fabric will create a flushed print. However, you’ll receive the highest output on 100% polyester material.   

Best Use Cases

It’s absolutely perfect for small business owners who work with custom sublimated items. You should give this ink a shot especially if you work with sublimated t-shirts or jerseys. It’s because the ink has top-notch water-resistant capacity. 

But make sure you’re only dealing with 100% polyester fabric. If you’re sublimating on other substrates, ensure a layer of polymer coating for the ink to stick to it. 


  • Model Name: Subink100
  • Brand: Hiipoo
  • Compatible Substrates: 100% Polyester Fabric, Ceramic, Metal, and Stainless Steel.
  • Special Feature: Waterproof
  • Color: C/M/Y/B
  • Compatible Printers: Epson EcoTank models 

What We’ve Like

  • High color reproduction rate
  • Vibrant images without ICC profile
  • The print remains intact even after multiple washes
  • Clean formulation with no clogging issues
  • Perfect for sublimating on personalized gift items


  • The black ink doesn’t fill the tank fully.
  • Doesn’t work on cotton fabrics.  

3. Best For Beginners – Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink

Here’s another high-quality sublimation ink – the Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink. It’s renowned for smooth ink transfer and durability. 

It’s also extremely efficient in usage. The 400ml bottle means there are around 2 cups of ink. So, it will cover you for a long time. Thanks to its amazing shelf life!

You’ll love how easily it glides in your printer tank. You won’t face any printhead clogging issues. Moreover, this ink dries up fast and doesn’t leave any unwanted stains. It doesn’t fade with wash either. 

Color Accuracy/Print Quality

Printer Jack’s sublimation inks are highly pigmented and saturated. They look more vivid after pressing them on the substrate with heat. What’s great is that they can produce high-definition images without using any ICC profile.  

However, you can request an ICC profile from the manufacturer via email. With the profile, it creates even more stunning images. 

You won’t believe how smooth the prints run even after printing 500 images. It’s like getting the maximum efficiency out of your sublimation inks!


Now, this printer is mostly compatible with inkjet printers. However, it can take time to install the ink in the printer depending on your printer model. 

In most cases, the nozzle fits correctly into the printer. But if it doesn’t you can squeeze a bit and it’ll glide in smoothly.

The best part is that you don’t need to empty your ink bottle before refilling the ink. It doesn’t affect the quality much if mixed with other branded inks. You don’t even require a syringe to pour the ink into the printer tank either!


Again, this sublimation ink is outstanding when it comes to multiple substrate sublimation. It sublimates well on polyester fabric, metal plates, ceramic, and wooden boards. 

Basically, you can sublimate anything with this ink. For example, you can sublimate on custom blankets, puzzles, napkins, tumblers, air freshener bottles, tiles, jerseys, t-shirts, tote bags, and many more.

However, make sure these sublimation blanks have a high-quality polymer coating on them. You should avoid more than 60% cotton fabric for sublimating with this ink.  

Best Use Cases

So, the best case for this Printers Jack Sublimation ink is home-based sublimation businesses. 

It’s absolutely beginner-friendly and the ink has a long shelf life from 6 months to a year. This means you can use it efficiently without any interruptions. It’s perfect for large orders coming up every month.  


  • Model Name: Sublimation Ink
  • Brand: Printers Jack
  • Compatible Substrates: 100% Polyester Fabric, Ceramic, Wood, Metal, and Stainless Steel.
  • Special Feature: Refillable, Long Shelf Life, Waterproof
  • Color: Black, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow
  • Compatible Printers: Epson Inkjet Printers 

What We’ve Like

  • Long shelf life.
  • Excellent color saturation.
  • Perfect nozzle packaging.
  • Water-resistant inks.
  • No fading issues.


  • Ink formulation doesn’t contain anti-UV features. 

4. Best For Printing Efficiency – Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Ink

Sawgrass SG500 is a high-end sublimation ink specially made for sublimation businesses. This ink can produce vibrant prints without wasting too much. Moreover, you don’t need to change it frequently. 

It’s a bit on the expensive side and not suitable for beginners. But for professionals, it’s a gem and the high price pays off! Check out the following segments to know what we’re talking about. 

Color Accuracy/Print Quality

Starting off with its print quality. The Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Ink can produce crisp and vibrant images. The ink is much more stable and dries off quickly. So, there are no issues like smudging or bleeding right after printing with this ink.

The color accuracy is so great that you’ll actually have a match with the original image. You’ll also be able to create clean sublimation designs using the Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Ink.  

Moreover, the prints are extremely durable and fade-resistant. They don’t fade easily with wash or sunlight. So, you can store your designs for a long time. 


Well, unlike Cosmos and Hiipoo, the Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Ink is only compatible with SG500 and SG1000 Printers. Actually, Sawgrass made these ink cartridges especially Sawgrass to produce the best sublimation results.

This is actually a plus point considering that convertible printers aren’t always great for professional prints. However, it’s a drawback for those who don’t own a Sawgrass printer. 


If you sublimate on different kinds of substrates regularly, this sublimation ink will be your favorite. It supports almost 10 kinds of materials! Glass, Slate, Fiberglass Plastic, Wood, Aluminum, Wood, Ceramics, Polyester fabric – you name it. 

This wide range of applications allows the ink to sublimate smoothly on cups, mugs, shirts, tumblers, phone cases, tiles, and many other personalized items. If you have a custom gift shop or home decor sublimation business, this ink will be worth your penny.   

Best Use Cases

If you’re constantly running out of inks, the Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Ink can be a great solution. It uses very minimal ink yet produces bright colors. So, it takes time to finish the whole cartridge box. 

Note that the ink comes in 4 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) and each cartridge contains 31ml of ink. Having great printing efficiency doesn’t let the printer run out of more than one color at a time.  


  • Model Name: SubliJet UHD
  • Brand: Sawgrass 
  • Compatible Substrates: Glass, 100% Polyester Fabric, Fiberglass, Ceramic, Wood, Aluminum, and Slate.
  • Special Feature: Efficient usage
  • Color: Black, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow
  • Compatible Printers:  Sawgrass SG500 and SG1000 Printers 

What We’ve Like

  • No ink wastage.
  • Vivid prints with minimal ink.
  • Long shelf life.
  • No print bleeding or smudging.
  • Quick-drying ink.
  • Extremely durable in the long term. 


  • Doesn’t support any other printers than Sawgrass printers. 

5. Best For Printer Compatibility – WOKOK Sublimation Ink Refill Ink Kit

Now, you’ll get to learn about the WOKOK Sublimation Ink Refill Ink Kit which will save you bucks with cartridge refilling. 

This sublimation ink refill kit comes with the whole package. You get 4 sublimation inks (C/M/Y/B), 4 syringes, and a pair of gloves. 

Each bottle contains 100 ml ink. So, you can use the inks for months. Moreover, the package comes with clear instructions on cleaning printhead and refilling. This makes your sublimation project easier. 

Other than refilling, this ink provides a decent output. It’s also waterproof so you can wash your sublimated item as much as you want. 

Color Accuracy/Print Quality

Well, as much as the ink provides uninterrupted printing, its pigmentation is average. For faded and flushed designs, this ink can bring 100% color accuracy. But it struggles to keep up with the darker shades like pink and blue.

However, the color tones remain the same throughout the whole print. You’ll love how seamlessly the ink adheres to the substrate and creates a smooth finish. 

WOKOK sublimation ink also contains UV-resistant properties. So, you can keep the sublimated in direct sunlight. It won’t fade at all. 


Mostly, WOKOK sublimation ink fits well with Epson sublimation printers. But it also supports other sublimation printers like Stylus, Stylus Photo, Artisan, Ricoh, and Sawgrass printers.

In case you’re using HP or Canon, your printer should have a piezo print head to use this sublimation ink. 

Well, there’s a small drawback to this sublimation ink. Despite the compatibility, it requires frequent print head cleaning. Every time you use the printer, you need to clean the printheads first.

As a result, you’ll receive uninterrupted prints and your printer will stay functional. This is especially applicable to Epson Workforce printer models. 


Like most of the sublimation inks, this ink also sublimates well on polyester fabrics, ceramic, metal, and stainless steel. 

But ceramics bond better than any other substrates. That’s why, if you sublimate ceramic mugs or cups with this ink, it’ll produce the most vibrant print. 

Best Use Cases

If you’re having trouble finding the most compatible sublimation ink for your printer, this ink is a great option for you. Whether you have a sublimation printer or a convertible printer, it works fine in both cases. 


  • Model Name: Sublimation Ink
  • Brand: WOKOK
  • Compatible Substrates: Ceramic, Polyester Fabric, and Metal. 
  • Special Feature: Waterproof, UV-resistant. 
  • Color: Black, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow
  • Compatible Printers:  Epson, Sawgrass, Ricoh, Stylus, Stylus Photo, and Artisan Sublimation Printers 

What We’ve Like

  • Compatible with a wide range of printers
  • UV-resistant nature
  • Waterproof and heatproof prints
  • Large ink bottles for long-term projects


  • Requires frequent printhead cleaning
  • Dark colors aren’t as vibrant as the light colors

6. Best For Low-Budget Projects – Tonha 400ML Sublimation Ink Refill

Tonha is a great beginner sublimation ink refill for achieving vibrant prints. You’ll be stunned to see how amazing features it offers at a low price point!

For starters, it’s fade-resistant and eco-friendly. It creates vibrant waterproof prints that sustain even after multiple washes. You’ll also feel relieved with the ink refilling process. It won’t make you cry while setting up the inks!

Color Accuracy/Print Quality

The color accuracy of this low-budget sublimation ink is top-notch. It produces highly pigmented colors with clean lines. Whether you’re using light or dark colors, it looks vibrant in both ways. The images look natural and pop right off the prints. 

Again, this sublimation ink is unique in preserving ink. It uses only the required amount of ink yet still looks highly pigmented. So, you won’t need to buy frequent ink refill bottles like other sublimation inks. 


Well, Tonha sublimation inks are compatible with all kinds of inkjet printers. It glides smoothly in Stylus, Epson EcoTank, and Epson Workforce printers. You can transfer the ink to these printers without any hassle. 

In case you’re worried about any spilling issues, wear gloves and use a syringe to make the transfer. But it’s not necessary.   


Now, this sublimation ink only works on substrates with a thermal sublimation coating. For fabrics, it should be less than 30% cotton. Other than cotton fabric, you can use any other substrate you want.

This means you can sublimate ceramics, boxes, flags, quilts, mugs, tumblers, and many home decor items with this sublimation ink.

What’s amazing is that you can wash these sublimated items as much as you want. There’s no fear of any decaying of material. The print will still remain vibrant for years.  

Best Use Cases

You can consider this sublimation ink as the best fit for low-budget sublimation projects. For less than $15, this sublimation ink is a steal! You get almost all of the best features of reputed brands within this price point. In short, it’s a great budget-friendly sublimation ink.  


  • Model Name: Sublimation ink
  • Brand: Tonha
  • Compatible Substrates: Polyester Fabric, Ceramic, Wood, Stainless Steel, and Metal. 
  • Special Feature: Waterproof
  • Color: Black, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow
  • Compatible Printers:  Stylus, Epson EcoTank, and Epson Workforce printers. 

What We’ve Like

  • Perfect ink saturation and pigmentation.
  • Waterproof properties.
  • Doesn’t fade easily.
  • Seamless installation and in-refilling process. 


  • Using syringes for refilling can lengthen your project time

7. Best For Refill Installation – TM Autofill Sublimation Ink 400ML

The TM Autofill Sublimation Ink is a wonderful sublimation ink specially designed for Epson EcoTank and WorkForce printers. 

These refill bottles are extremely secure. You can either use a syringe or pour the ink directly into the tanks. They’ll fill your Ecotank printers without any mess.

These sublimation inks come in standard 4 colors in 100 ml bottles each. So, it’ll last you about 1-2 years for a moderate level printing. However, the quantity can differ based on your usage. 

Color Accuracy/Print Quality

This sublimation ink produces bright prints. It’s formulated by 3 layers of filtration. So, it has a high ink penetration rate while heat transfer. 

The inks hold onto the substrate and are highly durable. They don’t wash off or peel very easily. Moreover, you can get even tones all over your sublimation print. 

In case you have a thing for sublimation lettering designs, you can keep this ink on your list. It produces sharp, clean lines. You won’t have ink bleeding issues as well. However, if you don’t clean the printhead often, the colors can look faded in the prints. 


Alright, now the TM Autofill Sublimation Ink is only compatible with Epson EcoTank printers. Using it on any other printer can clog the printheads. In fact, the nozzles won’t fit well actually. 

Here’s a tip when you’re filling this sublimation ink in an EcoTank printer. Keep the refill bottle upside down while filling the syringe. You have to release the pressure slowly and fill the ink. This technique will help you to reduce ink wastage.  


Again, the TM Autofill Sublimation Ink has boundless applications. It can sublimate T-shirts, cross-stitches, cloths, quilts, pillowcases, mug cups, shoes, caps, ceramics, boxes, trophy plates, and many other customizable items. 

But for fabrics, it can only sublimate on 65% or more polyester fabrics. The ink saturation is excellent for every substrate. Especially, it looks great on decorative mugs.  

Best Use Cases

This sublimation ink is best for beginner sublimation enthusiasts. It’s because the refilling process is extremely easy. You don’t have the risk of clogging your printhead. Moreover, you can print vivid images on multiple substrates. 


  • Model Name: Sublimation Ink
  • Brand: E-Z Ink
  • Compatible Substrates: Polyester Fabric, Fiberglass, glass, metal, Ceramic, Steel, and Wood.
  • Special Feature: Auto-refill technology
  • Color: Magenta, Black, Yellow, Cyan
  • Compatible Printers:  Epson EcoTank and WorkForce Printers 

What We’ve Like

  • High ink transfer rate.
  • Easy refilling process.
  • No printhead clogging issues.
  • Thin ink formula.
  • Long-lasting ink refills. 


  • Can’t sublimate cotton material.

8. Best For Saving Time- HappyToner Free Syringe Sublimation Ink

Looking for an affordable auto-refill option? You can try out the HappyToner Free Syringe Sublimation Ink. This refill sublimation ink bottle can refill your printer’s tank whenever you need it. You don’t need to use a syringe to refill the bottle manually. 

It’s also equipped with smart auto-stop technology. So, the bottle knows exactly when to stop pouring ink into the tank. 

You’ll love the print quality and multiple applications of this sublimation ink. Moreover, it doesn’t fade under sunlight. 

Color Accuracy/Print Quality

HappyToner Free Syringe Sublimation Ink is pretty pigmented and has the correct amount of saturation. The sublimation looks much brighter. But it’s not as vivid as the Cosmos sublimation ink

However, the ink penetrates the substrates very well. That’s why the ink bonds with the substrate polymers and lasts for a long time. You won’t have peeling or fading issues because of heat or washing. 


Now, you can use this sublimation ink only in Epson inkjet printers. It mostly works well with the EcoTank series.

You’ll have fewer issues with the printhead if you use these models from Epson- ET-2720, ET-2750, ET-2760, ET-3700, ET-3710, ET-3750, ET-3760, ET-3830, ET-3850, ET-4750, ET-4760, ET-4699, ET-4700, ET-4750, ET-4800 ET-4850 ET-15000.   


You can use this ink on a wide range of products. From polyester fabric to glass, you can use it on almost all substrates. 

Some of the popular things you can sublimate with this ink are mugs, cups, tumblers, t-shirts, jerseys, face masks, fanny packs, backpacks, beanies, boxers, etc. 

Best Use Cases

You should use this ink if you want to work fast on your project. This sublimation ink dries significantly faster than the other inks we reviewed above. 

Moreover, its easy installation and auto-refilling process will save you time as well. So, it reduces your operating time and allows you more time to be creative. 


  • Model Name: Sublimation Ink
  • Brand: HappyToner
  • Compatible Substrates: Polyester Fabric, Fiberglass, glass, metal, Ceramic, Steel, and Wood.
  • Special Feature: Auto-refill and auto-stop technology
  • Color: Magenta, Black, Yellow, Cyan
  • Compatible Printers:  Epson EcoTank Printers. 

What We’ve Like

  • Fast-drying capacity.
  • Proper ink penetration.
  • Auto-refill and Auto-stop functions.
  • Long-lasting vibrant prints.
  • UV-resistant formula. 


  • The ink formula is slightly thick

9. Best For Uninterrupted Service – HTVRONT Sublimation Ink Refill 400ml

Finally, you should check out the HTVRONT Sublimation Ink Refill as it has the smoothest ink transfer process. Being a sublimation supply company, HTVRONT has been using advanced technologies to make their product easy to use.

With this ink, you can print consistent colors all over your substrate. It also comes with 4 syringes (with removable needle tips) so that you can have seamless ink refills. 

Moreover, the ink comes with clear instructions. So, you don’t have to worry while operating the ink. 

Color Accuracy/Print Quality

Well, HTVRONT Sublimation Ink is average when it comes to producing vibrant prints. Especially, it sublimates white and light-colored substrates extremely well. 

While most of the prints are vibrant, some colors slightly change. For example, pink, purple, and turquoise can look a bit off sometimes.

So, the print quality is not as good as the quality of Cosmos and Hiipoo sublimation ink. But, you can fix it by using an ICC profile. So, it’s not a serious problem.   

Again, the ink adheres very well to the transfer paper. It dries up pretty fast after print. So, you can get the maximum result from the heat press. There’s no bleeding and the stains are extremely durable. So, the ink stays vibrant even after repeated washing.   


This sublimation ink is perfect for Epson Inkjet printers. You can use it in the Epson Workforce and EcoTank series mostly. 

It works perfectly fine in convertible Epson printers. Well, sometimes it can be tough to fit the nozzles with some Epson printers (like ET-2800). But the syringe will help to add ink to the printer in this case.  

What’s great is that the ink doesn’t thicken. It’s buttery smooth in the printhead. So, you won’t have to face any clogging issues with this sublimation ink.


Speaking of versatility, the HTVRONT Sublimation Ink works equally well in multiple substrates. 

Whether it’s a tumbler, glass, shirt, coaster, cup, mousepad, or any home decor item, it can fit in all. You can use it for special occasion sublimation or to make holiday gift items. 

Best Use Cases

It’s a perfect sublimation ink for those who have frequent printhead clogging issues. The sublimation ink doesn’t have any impurities. 

The formula is also thin and consistent. So, you can use it without any interruption – saving both time and money. 


  • Model Name: Sublimation Ink
  • Brand: HTVRONT
  • Compatible Substrates: Polyester Fabric, Fiberglass, glass, metal, Ceramic, Steel, and Wood.
  • Special Feature: Anti-clogging nozzles. 
  • Color: Magenta, Black, Yellow, Cyan
  • Compatible Printers:  Epson EcoTank and WorkForce Printers. 

What We’ve Like

  • Smooth ink transfer.
  • Nozzle fitment.
  • Ink vibrancy on light substrates.
  • Multiple substrate compatibility.
  • No fading or bleeding of ink.


  • Dark sublimated colors look a little flushed out

Considerations When Selecting A Sublimation Ink

Now, let’s move on to the features you must check before purchasing a sublimation ink. By going through the discussions below, you can make your purchase worth your time.  

Color Accuracy

Checking the color accuracy of the sublimation ink should be at the top of your priority list. You need to test whether the ink is actually capable of producing the exact color you want. 

To identify the accuracy, check the formulation of the ink. Water-based and solvent-based inks can show a different range of colors in your final print.  

Sometimes the type of nozzle also affects the color quality. If the nozzle is narrow, your sublimation prints will look faded. 

Moreover, it’s important to buy a sublimation ink that’s compatible with your printer. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired color output you want.  

Printer Compatibility

To ensure printer compatibility, you must read the sublimation ink’s label carefully. Check if the ink is a cartridge or a refill bottle. You can only use the one that your printer supports.  

Moreover, some printers can have 4 to 8 tanks depending on their functionality. So, you have to buy enough sublimation inks that can fill the number of tanks your printer has.

Again, a sublimation ink can require ICC color profiles. If your printer settings don’t allow ICC profile setup, you can’t use that sublimation ink. This is an important aspect when you want to work with complex designs and gradient colors. 

Also, you have to consider the printer’s efficiency as well. If your sublimation printer uses more ink, you must choose a size that will keep up with your printing project. 

Apart from producing vibrant prints, you should also check whether the print can last for a long time. You don’t want your prints to fade away with a few washes, don’t you?

So, you have to look at features like microwave-proof, machine wash-proof, and waterproof inks. In case your substrate gets exposed to sunlight a lot, you have to choose UV-resistant sublimation inks. 

Again, sometimes you might not need to wash or heat your substrate. In this case, the sublimation prints will remain vibrant with mediocre sublimation inks. So, you must choose an ink depending on your usage.  

Substrate Versatility

Now, the formulation of sublimation inks can differ depending on the type of substrate. Some inks only work on fabrics while others can work on metal, wood, and glass.  

Sometimes, you’ll need to apply polyester coating on top of the substrate to adhere to the ink. The ink vibrancy can differ from substrate to substrate. So, you need to choose an ink that fits your requirements. 

Drying Time

Fast-drying sublimation ink is always the best option for you. Most people miss this factor but drying time really matters when it comes to producing professional prints.

If your sublimation ink dries slowly, it can leave smudges. You’ll have less ink transfer on your substrate and the design can get ruined. So, it’s important to buy a sublimation ink that can dry within seconds.

However, you must ensure that the formulation doesn’t dry up inside the printer. Dried ink can clog the printhead and make it difficult to print. 


You have to check whether the sublimation ink is eco-friendly. It’s because eco-friendly inks have fewer toxic chemicals. 

So, they don’t produce any harmful fumes while sublimating. They are better than solvent-based inks actually. It’s good for you and good for the environment!

Moreover, eco-friendly inks are usually more compatible with multiple substrates than other inks. So, you can be as creative as you want with this type of sublimation ink. 


When you’re thinking about the effectiveness of sublimation ink, you must think about its cost-efficiency. 

For this, you need to consider the ink cost, running costs, quantity of workload, and substrate applications.

Buying a budget-friendly ink is a good deal. But if it costs you more in the long term, it’s not the best deal for you. 

Sometimes your printer can use up more ink for sublimating on different substrates. In this case, the print per cost will feed your expense list. 

So, it’s best to choose an ink calculating the overall operations cost. You can also target sublimation inks that come with free ICC profiles. This will reduce your additional expenses. 

However, you must ensure that you’re not compromising the quality of the ink buying at a low price. The packaging should be sealed tight to prevent clogging your printer.  

Ink Options (CMYK, etc.)

You must buy inks according to the color gamut you want to achieve and your printer’s requirements. For example, if you want black designs mostly and your printer has 2 slots for black, you have to insert two black ink bottles.  

Now, sublimation inks come in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) colors. But sublimation printers can use more than 4 ink bottles. It’s more important when you’re working in the RGB color mode and with ICC profiles. 

So, make sure you’re choosing the correct shades of colors that can meet your requirements fully. 

Manufacturer Reputation

Apart from features and costs, checking the manufacturer is also essential when buying sublimation ink. Purchasing from a reputed brand means you can be assured about the quality and safety of the ink.

Moreover, reputable brands produce sublimation inks specifically for your printer model. So, you have less chance of messing up the printhead. 

Some manufacturers also provide 24/7 customer support. This means you can get help for any kind of troubleshooting issues with your sublimation ink. It’s something you won’t get with cheap brands.   

Batch Consistency

Finally, you have to ensure that the sublimation ink can stay consistent all over the print. You want the same vibrancy showing up on the full design without any part fading. 

Moreover, the quality of the ink should be consistent across all the items you want to sublimate. This factor is especially important for sublimation business owners. 

So, you need to ensure that you’re using the same formulation of inks on all of the items. It’s best to test a small batch first and determine if the ink is suitable for your project.


Does it matter what sublimation ink to use?

Yes, it matters what sublimation ink to use. It’s because sublimation inks can come in cartridges or refill bottles. If your printer doesn’t support your sublimation type, you can’t use the ink. 

Is all sublimation ink the same?

No, all sublimation inks are not the same. Sublimation inks come in dye-based and water-based formulas. They also differ in packaging as well. You need to choose a sublimation ink depending on your requirements and printer type. 

What is the best sublimation ink for SG500?

SubliJet is the best sublimation ink for SG500. It’s specifically designed for Sawgrass printers. 

Can I use regular Epson ink for sublimation?

No, you can’t use regular Epson ink for sublimation. You need to buy specially formulated sublimation inks that can be either dye-based or water-based.  

Does sublimation ink work on cotton?

No, usually sublimation ink doesn’t work on cotton. You need less than 30% cotton material to sublimate a fabric. However, there are some sublimation inks with new technology that can sublimate on cotton too.  

Final Words

Hopefully, this article was useful in finding the best ink for sublimation printing. Remember that you should choose an ink that fits your requirements specifically. No matter how good the ink is, you can mess up the print if you’re not careful. 

So, to avoid pizza wheels and ink spots, make sure to keep your substrate flat on the heat press. Clean the printhead of your printer once in a while. You’ll receive perfect prints every time!

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