7 Best 4×6 Photo Printers – Affordable and Portable 4×6 Photo Printers

Last weekend was a bucket of business lessons for us. We got that from one of our team crew who has started a side hustle coffee shop.

He invited us to pay a visit there. As soon as we stepped into his shop, a mind-blowing business lesson hit on us. What was that? Offering photo printing with every order! 

Let us explain his idea. People often visit coffee shops with their friends and family. They tend to keep that memory through a selfie. This is normal. 

Edward utilized that common thing. He offers photo printing on each coffee order. Customers can write quotations behind that. Isn’t it a fantastic idea?

Pretty good psychological approach! Our teammate is generating 20% extra cash with this approach. Don’t you think you should apply this to your business? 

Readout this best 4 X6 photo printer review. It will help you to pick the right portable photo printer to add some extra cash to your wallet. 

Don’t worry; we will also share the pricing tip to enhance your business growth. Just read the review first. By the way, don’t miss the bonus part.

Comparison Table: Save 80% Time

Give us 30 seconds to explain what is in here. This table will give you a quick look to get an overall idea of each portable photo printer. If you’re in a rush, save 80% of your time.

ProductsMain FeaturesRating
All-In-OneKodak Dock Plus 4×6

Kodak Dock Plus 4×6

  • 4 pass color technology
  • A lag-free app
  • Fast printing speed
Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6

Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6

  • Dye-sublimation
  • Wi-Fi technology
Kodak Dock Premium 4×6

Kodak Dock Premium 4×6

  • No photo bleeding
  • Fading, perfect portable photo printers series
Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon Selphy CP1300

  • Battery Backup
  • Instant Collage
  • Cheap photo printer
Canon Pixma iP110

Canon Pixma iP110

  • Voice command
  • Good Photo Resolution
HP Tango X Smart Wireless Printer

HP Tango X Smart Wireless Printer

  • All In one printer
  • Scanner
  • Photocopy
HP Tango Smart Wireless Printer

HP Tango Smart Wireless Printer

  • Better Ink Quality
  • Paper Sensor

4×6 Printers Buying Guide: 5 Unbeatable Checklists

Your side hustle business needs a structured product review. We think you got that. Still, if you are planning to explore more products. Here is the unbeatable checklist. 

Printing Technology

First, we prefer to check the printing technology. There are three trending technologies: Inkjet, Laser, Dye-sublimation. 

So, which one should you choose? Inkjet and Dye-sublimation are the best choices. Both technologies offer quality photo printing. For our side, Dye-Sublimation will get the first priority for its image detailing. 


Connectivity of a printer

Current printers are coming with three types of connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, and wifi. Choose wisely the connection option. We prefer Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for side hustle business. You can maximize the earning through this. 

Photo Sizes

Since your primary focus is 4X6 photo printing, it is wise to make sure of the size. We are not recommending you fix selective size. Check the available specifications also. It will be easier for you to pick the right photo. 


We noticed an interesting fact: people love to get ultimate portability. That’s why we added a battery-powered printer in our review. Now, what should you check for a battery-operated printer? It’s all about backup. 3 to 4 hours of consistent backup is good enough.

Quality of Output

Remember the word “quality over quantity.” Try to focus on a quality printing experience. Since you are focusing on an emotional area, it’s wise to ensure the best experience. How can you make sure that?

Choose the correct printer. A good printer always balances the photo resolution. It also has a better connection facility. If the device can make sure of this primary thirst, go for that. 

4×6 Photo Printer Reviews: Get The Best Deal

We picked 7 side hustle portable printers ideas for you. Our team has divided all of these into several parts. Just read the reviews and get the best deal.

7. Kodak Dock Plus 4×6 – 4×6 Photo Printer for iPhone

7. Kodak Dock Plus 4x6

Finding a perfect IOS printer is no more a hassle now. Kodak Dock Plus offers the best quality photo. 

Photo quality

Kodak ensures an uncompromised photo quality. You will print what you captured. The 4 pass technology ensures a better color grade for that. It also provides a layer to glow the photo. That’s not the end: this printer laminates the picture to avoid finger spots.

Lag-free App

They launched their very own app on the IOS and android platform. We tested the app in three different moods: basic, pro, and advanced. Each of the moods has successfully passed our lag test. It is user-friendly.

Winning Feature

PictBridge technology is also in this printer. Kodak included this to solve some significant problems with digital cameras. Not only that, You can print any photos from any device in this printer. For example, the dock pins will allow you to connect with any USB device.  

There are three more features we loved. Number one is that you can print two photos on one paper: border and borderless photos.

The second one is the printing speed: it takes 50 seconds to print – No! It’s 47 seconds. The 3 seconds is connecting time. Pretty fast. 

Next is the cost: it takes 15 cents per photo. Trust us! This is a fair deal to start the side hustle. 

Note: We all know PictBridge needs the same technology on both devices. But this pin does not require this.

Technical Specification

  • Portable 
  • Dye-sublimation printing.
  • Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • Supported with Android: C type, IOS: 8 pins USB


  • Speed printing
  • Lag-free app
  • Compatible with IOS and Android
  • Laminated photo for 100 years security
  • Compatible with all mobile devices
  • Used by professional photographers


  • Photo quality is good for memory, not for exhibition

6. Kodak Dock & Wi-Fi Portable 4×6 – Affordable and Portable

6. Kodak Dock & wifi Portable 4x6

Photo Quality

Bleeding or fading is a common problem in many portable photo printers. Kodak solves this through their D2T2 Thermal Technology (Dye-Sublimation). 

The heat of this printer has developed to last longer—pretty decent photo quality. We can say this is a flawless printer. 

Device Compatibility

It is compatible with IOS and Android devices. The Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity works well. There are no frequent disconnection issues.

You will experience this with their official adapter. Using another adapter may cause power issues. This may lead to connectivity issues.

Winning Features

The USB and Pictbridge connections are super-efficient. We tested with the latest iPhone version and the updated cameras. 

No issues: the printer works just fine. Second is the portability: it’s a palm-size printer. Just place it in a common area in your restaurant, and let your custom print. The final thing is – Kodiak offers ten free photo cartridges with it.

Technical Specification

  • Wifi connectivity
  • Paper pack
  • Dye sublimation
  • IOS adaptor
  • Charging feature


  • Water-proof print
  • Fade Proof
  • Laminated layer
  • Super portability with high-quality prints
  • Its a compact photo printer


  • You cannot use another adapter with it

5. Kodak Dock Premium 4×6 – Portable 4×6 Printer

5. Kodak Dock Premium 4x6

Photo Quality

We cannot say this super printer. But the quality is not a dealbreaker. You will see a lot of negative reviews on photo quality. 

Is that true? Partially, the reason is simple! You can only use it for a demo or instant gifts (sharing memory with your friend) 

The color adjustment is quite decent -no photo fading or bleeding experience. Let us clear the idea more. Did you watch the show “Amazing Eats”? 

Adam Richman hunts every restaurant and takes photos of the food. He then hung those photos on the restaurant wall.  

Each photo quality looked decent on that show. Your printing experience will be like that. We believe this quality is good to go.

Connectivity and App

Kodak Dock has two connectivity options: Bluetooth and USB. Bluetooth works great with all platforms: IOS and Android work fine with it. The C-type and 8pin USB supports iPhone and all other android devices. 

We also liked the app’s performance. It has some exciting photo filter effects. It will enhance the after printing experience better. You can add stickers, collages, and farmers with it.

Winning Features

Why would you choose this over every printer? Portability is the biggest reason. The second is the custom border layer: you can customize the border of your photos. The third is the electric bill saver: it costs less than your phone charge. 

Technical Specification

  • Dye sublimation
  • Bluetooth and USB connection
  • 4 pass technology
  • Compatible with Android & Bluetooth device


  • 20 sheets for a better printing experience
  • Water and fade-proof
  • Lag-free app experience
  • Filter and sticker-size photo option inside the app
  • it supports with all photo paper types


  • Print paper quality could be better

4. Canon Selphy CP1300 – 4×6 Home Printer

Your house party can be more exciting with a home printer. Imagine, all of your friends and family members are having fun in your house. 

They are capturing selfies and printing that simultaneously. You are hanging them on your memory board with quotations. Will it not be fun? Canon paves the way to have fun. Here is the feature of their brand new product.

4. Canon Selphy CP1300

Photo Quality

We think the quality is suitable for a memory board. The color adjustment is too good; it might not be god-level. But your eye will get an instant pleasure to see the quality. That’s all our team found. 

Connectivity and App

Canon Selphy offers USB and wifi connectivity, it also supports Android and IOS. not only that, but this also has a flash memory card slot and PictBridge option. 

There is no chance to fade the joy of sharing. You can connect within 3 seconds to print. The canon app has added an extra wing on that joy. Just adjust the printing frame and press the print button. Very smooth app -we must say. 

Winning Features

Three significant things have made this unique. One is the battery backup. Just wow! We got almost 3 hours of consistent backup: a perfect party maker.

Second is the “party shuffle” feature.” What is that? 5 to 6 people can simultaneously share their pictures to make a collage instantly. 

The final thing is the editing option: you can edit your picture in it. The 3.2 inch LCD screen lets you edit the picture. 

Technical Specification

  • Dye sublimation
  • Multiple connection features
  • Wifi connection
  • Battery Powered (rechargeable batteries)


  • Perfect party maker
  • Party shuffle printing experience
  • Decent picture quality
  • Compatible with 4×6 paper size
  • Long-lasting photo prints with wide range usage facilities


  • Ink cartridge runs out quickly

3. Canon Pixma iP110 – 4×6 Compact Inkjet for Photos

“Alexa, print my friend’s picture” you just command that, and the printer whirr and whoosh. Done! Have you ever imagined such a technology?

Canon offers that through this specialized printer. Doing two emergency jobs simultaneously was never so easy. Let’s know more about the printer. 

3. Canon Pixma iP110

Photo Quality

Printing resolution matters. Canon Pixma offers the highest DPI within your budget. It offers 9600X2400 dpi of each photo: a very detailed photo printing experience. No doubt, this is so far the best professional device.

Connectivity and App

Canon Pixma offers USB and wifi connectivity with this device. We did not find any device spec for this printer. It is compatible with all types since it is business-friendly. 

The app is also good to go. You can print by connecting the cloud storage. One of the best parts is the file revealer: it can fetch all the image files from your device and cloud storage. 

Winning Features

You already noticed all of the products come with a unique option. Right? This is not far from that. Voice AI has been included here: it is accurate. We tried it with Alexa.

The next thing is OS compatibility. The majority of printers support updated OS, but this one is compatible with backdated and updated.

That’s not the end! Canon has a special feature in it: 5 color layers. This is the reason for staying ahead of the competition.

Technical Specification

  • Inkjet printing technology
  • PGI 35 pigment black color
  • Setup software is inside a CD
  • Supports Airprint technology
  • Print size is normal


  • Certified by EPEAT
  • Borderless printing facilities
  • AI-based printer
  • Stunning photo prints
  • Instant printing experience


  • It requires DPS over IPS compatible devices

2. HP Tango X Smart Wireless Printer – Best Overall 4×6 Printer

There are demands on “all-in-one” printers. People want to minimize their workload. But the problem is, somehow, somewhere, they have to compromise with the quality. Alright! No more compromise. The wait is over. HP tango is your solution.

2. HP Tango X Smart Wireless Printer

Photo Quality

Overall, photo quality seems good for us. Our teammate is using this for his side hustle. HP used inkjet printing technology in it: ink droplet sprays the color perfectly. Maybe the quality will not be the same as the previous one. But it’s good enough to go.

Connectivity and Apps

HP offers W-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity in it. The dual-band Wifi lets you print faster than any other device. It takes less than 30 seconds to connect and print.

The app is also fast and easy to use. It’s like: connect. Click the ink, tap the print, done! Simple. Still, there are questions about device compatibility. Here is the solution. HP includes IOS and Android compatibility. 

Winning Features

It comes with tons of facilities for an entrepreneur: you can scan and photocopy with it. Isn’t it a better choice? Umm. You need more resources to make decisions.

 Look at these: HP offers free ink for the next 3 months with it. We think it’s a fair deal to generate some extra cash. 

Not only that, the linen cover protects the printer from accidental damage. It also reduces the chances of ink drying out.  

Technical Specification

  • Inkjet technology
  • AI features
  • High-yield cartridges
  • Paper sensor


  • Compact sized printer
  • Alexa and Google Home compatible
  • Cloud printing facility
  • High-end wireless printing experience


  • The setup seems complicated to us

1. HP Tango Smart Wireless Printer – Best 4×6 AI Photo Printer

The world is heading to AI-based technologies. Printer manufacturers are following this trend. HP is a bit ahead of that. Their smart printers are a real example of that. Yes! HP Tango series is so far the Ai-based printer.

1. HP Tango Smart Wireless Printer

Photo Quality

As with the previous one, it has a slightly developed color adjustment. We experienced an advanced ink adjustment here. Overall, the photos sound satisfying to us.

Connectivity and Apps

It has Bluetooth and wifi connectivity features. All these are updated. Your brand new IOS or Android device will flexibly connect with it. The apps sound smooth. There is no difference like the previous one.

Winning Features

The AI feature is better than other Ai based printers. Alexa and Google Home could recognize the voice command accurately. We were also satisfied with the ink quality. HP applied its best strategies in it. The quality of the ink is pretty flawless. Users are keeping it as the second winning feature.

Technical Specification

  • Inkjet printing technology
  • Cloud printing is enabled
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi


  • Indigo linen cover for easy maintenance
  • Easy to set up
  • The dots per inch are smooth


  • The adaptor cable could be better


What Kind Of Paper Can Be Used In 4X6 Photo Printers?

Certain types of photo paper are perfect. Here is the list

Does The Printing Speed Matter When Choosing A 4X6 Printer?

Of course, the printing speed matters. The faster printing means more money for your side hustle. 

Is 4×6 the same as 2×3?

No, the aspect ratio is not the same 2 X 3 is called a passport-sized photo. But 4x 6 is bigger than that. 

How to print with a 4×6 photo printer?

Printing 4×6 is not rocket science. It is easier than preparing juice. Go to the app. Select the picture, press the ink button to load. Then press once again to print. Done! 

Pricing Ideas Side Hustle Business

Time to keep the promise. Growing your side hustle business will be easier if you follow these pricing processes.  


  • Add your service price with the product. Maybe the idea can be: “Family burrito offers 30% off including an exclusive selfie printing facility.
  • Bring your family to this shop. You will get 10% off for ordering 4 family cups, including free selfie printing. 

These two ideas so far are working in our teammates’ side hustle. Why don’t you try this for now? Keep your eyes on. We will share more ideas about it. 


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Printing Technologies

Your side hustle business needs solid backup. We decided to give that through a quick overview of printing technologies’ pros and cons. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each type to make the best decision. 


  • It is noise-free
  • This printer works faster.
  • The quality of the photo is pretty smooth.
  •  It does not need warm-up time. You can start instantly
  • The best part is: it can print vivid colors.
  • High-volume printing is time-consuming.
  • The alternate cost of ink cartridges is a bit high. 


  • A perfect device for mass printing.
  • The machine stays working even if you don’t print for a while.
  • Print speed is higher than inkjet
  • The paper cost is affordable.
  • The initial investment expense is a bit higher.
  • Toner is not environmentally-friendly.


  • You can print on fabric easily
  • It does not fade easily.
  • The picture quality is smooth.
  • It is slower than an inkjet printer.
  • The mass production cost is high.

Final Words

We are at the end of our article. So, here are the takeaways: our team tried to give the best 4x 6 photo printing review. 

The goal is to give you a brilliant side hustle business idea. We are sure our team has made it. Total review and pricing tip is like a giveaway for your next cash funnel. So, utilize this Covid situation as a business opportunity.

This side hustle business can help you to generate better investment for your next start-up. Let us know how much you enjoyed the idea. Peace!

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