What Are The Best Printers For a Teacher in 2023?

Best Printer for Teachers

From our experience and research, we have found 8 printers that can meet a teacher’s requirements for all sorts of printing. Not only the best products we’ve also put together an Idea of how a teacher can save the printing cost by almost 50%.

8 Best Printers for Teachers and Classrooms

All-in-one printers are a time saver. Their feature allows you to get your class fast with proper resources. Here is how.

1. Canon Pixma MX922 – All in One Printer

1. Canon Pixma MX922

Cannon calls it a speed star for all small business owners and teachers. It takes nearly 20 seconds to print a borderless photo. Want to know more?

Print speed

We are satisfied with the speed. The monochrome mood offers nine pages per minute. Not only that, the photo print takes 20 seconds. We ride that with “4X6” borderless printing. 

Print Quality

Super detailed! The 5 different cartridges have varied color options. This combination makes every glossy photo printing precise. 

The monochrome is not beyond that: text and line spacing are pretty clear to read. It’s all about the ink adjustment. 

Cannon did that perfectly in this Pixma model. Teachers from school to university rated it 9 out of 10 for the detailed features. They said it allowed them to explain their idea clearly.  


Copying took 8 minutes for 7 pages. The scanning is pretty good. All of these features are double-sided. Just place and prepare the coursework. Cannon will do the rest.

We also liked the sheet capacity: the lower cassette can hold 250 plain papers. The upper case can keep 20 pieces of “4 X6” photo paper. One of the greatest features is you can use recycled paper here. 

Technical Specification

  • Inkjet printer
  • USB and WIFI connectivity options.
  • Duplex printing feature
  • Compatible for IOS and Android.
  • Easy-Key for fast scan and fax.


  • Easy to print on CD and DVD
  • Supported with all types of paper.
  • No monthly duty cycle.


  • It’s not suitable for high-volume printing.


Preferably suitable for all types of teachers. Printing coursework, presentation, the visual representation will be accessible here.

First of all, These are not what you are expecting. So why are we putting it in second? Print quality, connectivity, and more. Let’s see what is inside the printer.

2. HP ENVY Pro 6455 Wireless All-in-One Printer – Affordable Printer

2. HP ENVY Pro 6455 Wireless All-in-One Printer

HP tried hard to merge the price and quality here. To be honest, they are successful. HP Envy meets all the checklists for AIO. Maybe some of the features are not up to the mark. Still, this is good for teachers. 

Print Quality

Their winning feature is the printing output. Texts are legible and crispy. We tried 6 to 8 points. That was clear.

Graphic prints were nearly flawless. If you examine closely, it will be visible then. Otherwise good.

One of our colleagues is an architect-engineer. She printed her instructions and lectures with it. It was pretty understandable. 

Photos are also tremendous. The DPI is balanced for “4 X6” borderless photos. You can print the coursework with it.

Printing Speed

We are satisfied with the speed for home use. The monochrome printing speed is 10 pages per minute. Color printing takes 7 pages per minute.

Pretty slow in comparison with the Canon Pixma. It’s normal for a printer for this price. That is why we said it is perfect for home use.


Hp played a fair game with this model. They offer a super smooth connectivity option: the HP app. Having this app means you can connect your laptop, phone, camera, and other compatible devices.

We also liked the voice recognition system. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. Now you might have a question: is the voice command accurate?

Our team tested it and found slight glitches. Commands like: If, That, Those, These, There, Which, and Where are tough to realize for this Voice sensor. We don’t take this as a dealbreaker. It will develop over time. 

Hp has also introduced another amazing feature in it. That is the paper-handling option. It can handle 10 envelopes. 40 photo paper and 100 standard papers.

Technical Specification

  • Inkjet printer
  • Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi are available.
  • Two cartridges
  • Cloud print.


  • Running cost is low
  • Crispy print quality.
  • Reasonable to purchase


  • The monthly duty cycle could be better.

3. HP DeskJet Plus 4155 Wireless All-in-One Printer

3. HP DeskJet Plus 4155 Wireless All-in-One Printer

So far, we have convinced ourselves with a doctrine. HP has developed its AIO printers for university and college teachers. Why? Their features are the reason. We are sharing this below. 

Print Quality

Very basic. We tested the color accuracy with three projects. The primary color distribution was smooth. Perfect for presentations and college projects.

But not proper for high-end visual projects. What about the photo printing quality? It is decent. The gray color-banded initially, but it is not visible unless you deeply analyze it. 

Print Speed

To be honest, We are not satisfied with the speed. The monochrome printing took 5 pages per minute. Color documents were less than that: it was 3 ppm. Photo printing was also time-consuming.


We are satisfied with the copy and scanning features. It does not allow an auto-duplex mood in that. But the scanning quality is super fine: resolution and color depth is accurate. 

What else did we like? The cartridges are cheap. So frequent changes will not cost much. Like that, the connectivity features are amazing. HP app is compatible with all platforms and devices.

Technical Specification

  • LCD display
  • Inkjet printer
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB.
  • Flatbed scanner
  • Auto-document feeder.


  • Color accuracy is good
  • Made with recyclable plastic (environment-friendly)
  • Lag-free app


  • The build quality could be better


We prefer the two printers for college and university teachers. They can pick it up for personal use. 

Busy teachers need monochrome for bulk printing. Providing a hand sheet to every student during a lecture can make the study more understandable and engaging.  

Teachers need bulk printing for this purpose. So, what problems does the mentor face during this printing? High cost per page and time consumption. 

These printers will solve those problems.  

4. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer DCPL2550DW

4. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer DCPL2550DW

Brother Laser printers are famous for their cost efficiency and quality. We found their laser printer costs 3 cents per page. The quality of printing is good. Here are more details.

Printing Quality

Satisfactory print quality is always acceptable for teachers. Brother ensures that through this series.

We printed PowerPoint handouts, PDFs, and Excel data. Each of them was decent. Only the photo quality was a bit faded. The color tone is not standard enough for high-end project illustrations.

Our team also found a blurry idea in the dark to light color. They are not detailed. However, the text’s accuracy and clarity are legible. 

Print Speed

The printing speed is comparatively fast. It can print 36 pages per minute: this is for normal text. But the PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint printing speeds are a bit slow. 


Brother claimed it was a multifunctional printing. Really? Nope! It does not support fax features. You can copy, scan, and print with it.

The scan and copy quality are good. Our satisfaction rate will be 8 out of 10 for scanning and copying. 

The ink adjustment is accurate. Every word is detailed in the scanned and copied paper. We think these features are good compensation for faxes.

Their connectivity feature is also good. You can connect with USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. We tried every connection for speed. Pretty good!

However, the speed may be compromised if your Windows version is below 10. Otherwise, IOS and Android performed fast enough.

Technical Specification

  • Auto-duplex.
  • Laser printer
  • Automatic document feeder
  • Monochrome printing output.


  • Fast printing.
  • Clear text quality
  • The cost per page is low


  • There is no fax feature

5. Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer

5. Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer

What if a $160 printer provides you with a $200 result? Surely, this will be a saver for your wallet. The Brother HL series has introduced something like that. Let’s read it out loud.

Print Quality

You can get back to your class faster than anyone. This is what Brother ensures through this. You might get sleek and glossy photo prints from this. 

But the crispy text prints will translate your lectures pretty easily. We could read clearly with a 6 to 7 point text.

The PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF handouts were printed well. Slight banding occurred: you can notice it only when you closely inspect it.  

Print Speed

We strongly believe this is a real contender for Canon LBP151dw. Why? This L series prints 32 ppm, which is faster than Canon.

For the price comparison, we think Brother takes the lead. There is another reason to prioritize: connectivity speed.

Let us explain. We tried the USB and Wifi mood. Each cone provided a 2ppm speed in printing. Cannot we say this fast enough to get back to the class?  


Come on! This is an entry-level printer. You can expect a satisfying printing for that price, right? But the truth is. It is more than that.

A 2000 monthly duty cycle is good for a university teacher. This is not usual in other competitors with this price. 

Here is a quick explanation. If your monthly printing volume is 2000, It will cost $72 monthly. We don’t think this cost is a drain on your money.  

Technical Specification

  • Laser printing
  • Auto-duplex feature.
  • Wi-Fi and USB


  • Running cost is low
  • Fast for entry-level printers
  • Reasonable price


  • There is no ethernet port


Two of the printers are perfect for university professors. College teachers can also use it.

We rated this user-friendly printer on running cost, speed, and print quality. Readout our experience

6. Canon Office Products PIXMA TS5020 – Best User-friendly Printers

6. Canon Office Products PIXMA TS5020 


The Canon T series is always easy to use, though its running cost is high compared to our previous products. Why? 

Print Quality

Here is the answer. TS5020 comes with two black inks. The first one is pigment, and the second is dye-based.

These combinations make the text quality unbeatable. The shape and color adjustment keeps it crispy for all readers. 

We compared this with the Ts9 and 8 series. Pretty better than their text quality. But the TS5020 has been defeated in graphical and photo printing.

 It cannot explain dark and light areas accurately for photos. But the explanations of PPT, Excel and PDF handouts were clear enough to read. 

Print Speed

Consistent speed helps a teacher to get back to their class faster. Ts5020 ensures that. The monochrome output is 12 ppm, and the color is 9 ppm.

This speed is consistent even in USB mode. We compared the pace with the Epson XP 640 -74% faster.


Ts5020 has fifth black ink, which is pure saving for home users. It costs 4 cents for monochrome, and 12 cents for color. 

At this price, you can afford all the monthly printing expenses. Like this cost-effective plan, HP includes a tremendous setup process.

It takes nearly 15 minutes to set up. The driver installation time is quite fast in our Core I3 with Windows 10 OS. 

Technical Specification

  • USB 
  • Scanner and copy
  • Inkjet
  • Fifth black ink


  • Lightweight
  • SD card slot
  • You can print 6 by 5 Instagram photo sizes


  • Lack of an automatic document feeder


If you are a course instructor with a little group, we prefer this. 

The demand for portable printers is rising. Teachers are taking this to their classrooms or offices for flexibility. Epson indulges the trait with their AIO Printer.

7. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 – Best Portable Printer

7. Epson EcoTank ET-2720


Price and running cost both are below the average. That is the reason to put it on number 7. One thing you should remember: this printer is entry-level. Check out the review for more.

Print Quality

Inkjet printers tend to print better. Epson proves it in every sphere. This AIO is not beyond that. We tested the text quality. 

It was legible: the characters, line spacing, and shapes were easy to read. The photo quality is decent. Just a bit of color drop. This is only for a certain vivid image, PPT, Excel data, and graph charts were fair enough to read. 

Print Speed

This entry-level printer has competed with its tribe. The speed of Epson ET 2760 and ET 2720 is the same.

The Monochrome speed is 10 ppm, and the color is 5ppm. Fair enough in comparison with the rival brands. Why are we saying that? The USB and Wifi printing speed is also the same.


Epson introduced a detailed button. You can easily copy, scan and print with it. Their non-touch color display is good enough to read the instructions.

Other than this feature, we also liked the size. This 13-pound printer can easily be accommodated on your little desk. The cables are long enough to connect with any nearby switchboard. 

Technical Specification

  • 5 different color variants
  • Inkjet
  • Wi-Fi printing option.
  • 100 sheets paper tray capacity.


  • Affordable running cost.
  • It supports direct Wi-Fi-connectivity
  • Compact and light size


  • It does not have auto-duplexing features

8. Epson Expression Home XP-340 -Best Compact and Efficient Printer

8. Epson Expression Home XP-340


Compact and efficient printers can reduce your 50% work-hassle. That’s why we are featuring Epson XP 340 for you. 

Print Quality

Text quality is amazing. We printed a 200 pages pdf file. Each text was clean and well-spaced. But the character border is not satisfying enough.

If you look closely, you will find a slight glitch in it. However, you cannot detect it with your bare eyes. This is not a dealbreaker.

Photo print is not the same. It has a slight sharpness drop. Teachers can use this to explain initially. 

But for a better lecture explanation, we prefer to look for competitive devices. You can still use it for PPT, Excel printing. The quality is good.

Print Speed

We will rate it at an average speed. The monochrome outcome takes 10 ppm, and color printing takes 5 ppm. This is the same as the rival printers.

So what makes it different? USB speed. It is 30 seconds faster than competitors. We tried it on our regular computer. The output was excellent, even in bulk printing.


It supports three flash memory types: SSD, SDHC, and SDXC memory card. The slot connects fast and shows the detail on the LCD color display. 

The display is small but good enough for prior checking. We also liked the buttons. It has a sweat-proof feature. It can dry up the Wet finger spots.  

Technical Specification

  • Inkjet 
  • Wi-Fi, USB
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android.
  • 1.44″ inches LCD


  • Compact size
  • 100 sheets tray capacity
  • 5 color ink variants


  • Very basic for advanced users

Buying Guide

So what checklists did we follow before the review? You know that! Now here is the golden tip for choosing your printer faster.

The Capacity of The Paper Tray

Knowing the paper tray capacity is essential for every teacher. It will help them to estimate the monthly paper cost as well as the running cost. 

Printing Speed

Printing speed matters. The highest print speed means you can save a lot of time with minimal effort. On average, 25 to 30 ppm for black and white printing is good. 15 to 20 ppm for color printing is feasible.

Additional Features

Connectivity, build, and ink quality should be the third consideration. We suggest you check the USB, Wifi, and Ethernet speed. 

Is it compatible with your computer and smartphone? Evaluate this before buying. The next thing you should check is the build quality. 

Recyclable plastic is a good material. It does not decay faster. Like this, you should judge the ink quality. 

Try to check the text depth: border, shape, black color lining. You should also check the photo and graphical outcome. This will help you to know the ink and cartridge quality.

Running Cost

Color print should not reach over 12 cents. And, the cost of monochrome should be between 3 cents if this is the running cost of a printer. We think it’s good to go. 

FAQ about Printers for Teachers

Inkjet or LaserJet? Which type to choose? 

It depends on the rush. If you need fast and bulk printing, Laser is preferable. Inkjet is suitable for quality photo printing.

Color printer or black and white printer?

Color printer explains better. Powerpoint handout needs this. Your explanation will get a voice for that. On the other hand, black and white are for minimal lectures or notes. So, decide on the need based on your preference.

What are the benefits of a Dual-sided printer? 

Dual-sided printers can slide the paper automatically: they can print both sides of the page without physical touch. The most significant benefit of this feature is: it can save the page cost. Another is time-saving.

What is the Amazon Dash-enabled feature?

It’s an advanced AI feature. Whenever your ink is at the bottom, this feature will allow your printer to order new toner from Amazon. 

What is the best printer for homeschooling?

Canon and HP offer some AIO (all-in-one printers). These types of printers are best for homeschooling.  

As a teacher, how do I decide which is the best printer?

Three golden rules: Print quality, Speed, and Running cost. Consider these before deciding. 

Is a fast printer essential?

We will say “Yes” to teachers. Fast printers can help you to get back to your class faster. It also allows you to print the course materials quickly. 

Is color printing a must for teachers?

YES. Pie charts, Graph charts, Bar charts need color printing. Your lecture will be blurry if you don’t use color printing.

50% Cash-Saving Idea

Time to keep the promise. If you can reduce your ink refill cost, it means you have saved 50% of your monthly budget. Here is the tip.

Find an eligible printer

HP, Canon, Brothers, and other brands have an amazing package. What is that? “instant ink.” Let us explain a bit.

Instant ink is a program. It allows your printer to mail the ink status as soon as it finishes. For example, you have an HP Instanink-compatible printer. 

Whenever the ink status trunks down, it will inform HP for a refill. This sort of program is not expensive; instead, it’s cost-efficient.

We don’t recommend you to buy HP. Find an eligible printer that supports this program. 

Choose the program

If you have selected your printer, time to choose the program. Most of the plan has 6 months 1 year to 2 years. All these have discounts. 

We recommend that you pick that. It will save you 50% on average ink refill and cartridge replacement costs. Not only that but also, you will have the chance to get free repair solutions. 


As soon as you pick the plan, the delivery charge is free. Some companies provide free ink installations too. 

So, reduce your monthly expenses right now. We are attaching some limited-time deals. Hurry up! Don’t forget to share this with your colleagues.

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