7 Best HP Printers That Use 61 Ink [Risk-Free Deals]

61 ink is a signature of HP printers. Teachers, business owners, and everyone are a huge fan of this cartridge.

But the problem is: finding a 61 ink compatible printer is tough: time-consuming. It’s like finding a needle in a mildly lightened area within 5 minutes. So stop worrying!

Let us help you to find the right printers. We have listed 7 best HP printers that use 61 ink. You will read the reviews, which will give you a risk-free deal signal.

So, buckle up to get the best-segmented experiences. By the way, don’t miss the buying guide. 

Product Product Name Specialty Major Features Prices
HEWLETT-PACKARD-ENVY-5530 1. HEWLETT-PACKARD ENVY 5530 Smooth print quality • Good connectivity speed
• Perfect for the light-duty job
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Deskjet-3050-j610a 2. Deskjet 3050 – j610a No color drop in SD card printing • Preferable for home use
• Satisfying text quality
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2.-HP-Smart-Tank-Plus-651-Wireless-All-In-One 3. HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless 4 unique ink colors • Spill-free refill
• Dark and crispy character
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3.-HP-OfficeJet-Pro-9015e 4. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e 22 pages per minute • 6 months of free instant ink
• Dual-band Wi-Fi
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1.-HP-Deskjet-1000-Printer- 5. HP Deskjet 1000 Compatible with USB-2 • Quality cartridge
• 30 seconds installation
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7 Best HP Printers That Use 61 Ink 

We split this section into 3 major parts: Home, Work, and Photography. Our core team decided to reduce your time consumption. This will help you to pick the right purpose. Reviews might be straightforward. Enjoy responsibly. 

Best 61 Ink HP Printers For Home Use



Printing Output:

Dedicated to serving a home purpose. You will get templates for your notebook as well as graph paper. 

All these features are included to run light-duty jobs. What is the output of that job? Satisfying. We tested graphical illustration and text printing with it.

Every piece was good to look at and read. More like a drugstore print. PDF, PPT, and spreadsheet were clean enough.


Speed is quite good for home use. We compared the speed with several brands. For example, the Pixma MG4220 has the same speed as it is.

Let us explain a bit deeper. The text printing takes 2 ppm in HEWLETT-PACKARD ENVY, but MG4220 takes 2.1 ppm. Slightly fast. 

Still, we will keep it ahead of our list. Why? For the photo printing speed. 1.15 ppm photo printing speed. We witnessed this for a 4 by 6 inches photo. Not only that, this device is fast in wifi and SD card printing. We did not find any lag here

Best Features:

It has two more amazing features except for the previous one. We liked the scan and copy features. Every output was readable. 

The most interesting fact is the connectivity. WIFI and memory card printing is too good. There was no ink drop. One of the satisfying facts is that 61 ink installation is like a piece of cake. You can invest in it. Risk-free deal! 


  • Inkjet 
  • Automatic document feeder
  • USB and Wireless
  • Thermal technology
  • Cloud printing is available.
  • Lage-free HP app
  • Support with 61 ink cartridges
  • We don’t recommend this for business purposes.

2. Deskjet 3050 – j610a

Deskjet 3050 - j610a

Print Quality:

Deskjet 3050 grabbed huge attention in the community. We wanted to know why? Our first priority was to find the reasons.

To be honest, the text quality looks entry-level. It was slightly blurry in the black and white print mood.  

Some drops of ink dots were noticeable. This is not a dealbreaker for home use, but for business use, it is.

Color print quality sounds great to us. We noticed a small band on solid color: it was especially on text, not in the photo. 

We made sure of this by printing over a glossy photo paper. The color hue was clean and smooth. You cannot detect the flaw with naked eyes. 


Pretty surprising! Our core team member revealed this. They compared it with Deskjet 1050. 3050 is far better than 1050.

The draft mode printing speed was fast enough. We tested with 5-page document printing. The black and white took 2ppm. Color printing took 2.3 ppm. Very fast. 

Next, we checked the connectivity speed. This Deskjet model took 50 seconds to print 5 A4 size text documents in wifi mood. Pretty satisfying.

Best Features:

HP provides all the software with this. Installation of this software is easy and compatible with all OS. 

The second feature is the 4 ink cartridges. It is compatible with 61 ink. Finally, the overall look is convincing: LCD light indicates the current conditions. And the dedicated buttons are easy to operate for scanning and copying. 


  • Inkjet
  • Wireless connection.
  • USB 2
  • Print Without PC is available. 
  • 1000 printing limits
  • 5% less cost for black printing.
  • 4% less cost for color print.
  • Tri-color cartridges are not preferable for this device.

Best 61 Ink HP Printers For Work Use

1. HP Officejet 4630 e-AiO

1.  HP Officejet 4630 e-AiO

Print Quality:

New-normal life is more dependent on work from home. The demand for mid-duty printers is rising.

HP Officejet 4630 is real proof of that. Teachers, professors, writers, and more professionals are using it. The reason is for print quality.

We tested the printing output. Here is what our test says: text texture is good; you can read it clearly. But the color printing looks saturated. 

Some bands are slightly noticeable. Photo printing is beyond color printing. We printed PPT handouts here. Pretty good for an average presentation. One thing we noticed is “Tints” on monochrome photo printing. Other than that, it’s good.


It runs slow for business applications. 2 ppm is literally slow for some reason. But compared with the Canon Mx392, it’s usual. Every budget printer like this more or less has the same speed ratio. 

Best Features:

Mobile printing is satisfying. The best thing is: HP dedicates an email for each printer. If you send your document in that mail. It will print that automatically. 

Isn’t it time-saving? We also liked the multifunctional features. Scanning, copying, and faxing are flexible with it. 


  • Inkjet
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Color and monochrome output.
  • 35 sheets for the auto document feeder.
  • Enough ranges for mobile printing.
  • Compatible with HP Instant Ink program
  • No ethernet port.

2. HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless (All-In-One)

2. HP Smart Tank Plus 651 Wireless (All-In-One)

Print Quality:

Everyone in this business is mastering the art of being good-looking. Smart tanks are not an exception. 

Their 651 series has a pretty good text color combination. We liked the shape and border ink saturation. This is more than enough for business applications.

Color printing also checked the green signals from our side. We noticed slight color banding on dark and gradient fills. This is not a dealbreaker. 

The reason is photo printing. It is detailed, and the color distribution is balanced. No complaining!


The 651 competes with Brother MFC, Epson 4760, and Canon g4120 series. It has an 11ppm speed which is a bit slower than its contender.

Still best for the quality. We tested on different devices to find robust speed feedback. HP Smart Tank passed all the tests. It did not compromise text and graphical quality.

Every PPT, Spreadsheet, and photos were legible. The Wifi and USB speed was good enough; it did not impact print quality.  

Best Features:

$50 less price is the best feature. So how does it save that money? Epson, Canon, and Brother are offering the same AIO features within the price.

 But the competitors are not serving ADF. HP integrated the feature in these printers. This feature sounds free for us because if the competitors added this ADF to their device, it would cost $50 extra.  


  • Thermal.
  • Voice-activated
  • Touchscreen 
  • Flatbed scanner
  • Spill-free bottle
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB
  • Cost-effective running costs.
  • Uncompromising print quality
  • $50 savings opportunity
  • Low capacity and volume.

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e

Print Quality

Mid to light-duty office work needs a balanced printing experience. 915e ensures that experience. It is even standing as a better competitor for Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4720. Here is why:

We did not find any fuzziness in the text. Every character was clean, even in the small points. Fonts and shades of fonts are sharp enough to apply in business.

Photo quality was not as clear as the text. We recommend you use it for internal demo presentations. 

The color saturation is balanced. Still, the pictures had a pale reflection. We tested it for Powerpoint handouts. This is not a dealbreaker, though. 


HP9015e has a perfect speed in comparison with the competitors. Our team ran two tests: a 23 page MS word document and 12 pages of Adobe Acrobat files.

Both printing results were fast. Text printing showed 2ppm faster than Epson and Canon. The photo printing speed was the same as the competitor. 

No speed compromises were seen during the use of different connection methods. The Ethernet connection worked fine. USB and Wireless connections had also provided the same speed satisfaction.

Best Features:

 A maximum 25,000 duty cycle is more than good for micro businesses. It saves at least $50 per month. Plus, the HP Instant Ink solution provides a discount on the ink. In a nutshell, it’s a complete win-win deal.


  • All in one inkjet
  • 4 colors 
  • 61 ink cartridge
  • Auto document feeder
  • Copy, fax, and scanner
  • Running cost is low.
  • Borderless printing experience.
  • Fine quality.
  • Single paper input sources are available

Best 61 Ink HP Printers For Photography

1. HP Deskjet 1000 Printer 

1. HP Deskjet 1000 Printer 

Print Quality

Product Photography is now an essential thing in any business. But the problem is, you have to pay enough price for a high-end photo printer. 

Deskjet100 solves the problem. We checked the text quality: it was good with slightly marred output. 

This usually happens for the paper quality. Highly fibered paper sometimes reduces the ink balance. Yet, the text was legible.

Photo quality looked uncompromising. You can use it for business presentations but not for advertising. We noticed a slight scuff in some picture areas. 


It’s normal to be slow for a photo printing dedicated device. But we were surprised by this device. The monochrome print was 5ppm, and the color print speed was 4ppm.

Good enough for micro business. Yet, the major satisfaction is the draft mode. It was pretty fast in comparison with other Deskjet competitors.

Best Features:

HP provides compatible software with the device. Based on our first-hand experience, it worked with all OS with fast speed. We also liked the color cost. It is lower than other photo printers.


  • Wireless and USB
  • Inkjet
  • Color print
  • Takes less space.
  • Easy to install.
  • Fewer energy bills
  • No photo card reader

2. HP Deskjet 3000 

2. HP Deskjet 3000 

Print Quality:

It has the same engine as 1000. So what makes it unique? The text quality and photo color. Text sizes and characters were smooth to read, even in naked eyes.

We did not find any color band in photo printing. A slight scuff was noticeable: you cannot notice this unless you closely identify it.


Deskjet 1000 and 3000 have the same text speed. We found a slight difference in graphical printing. It is a bit slower than 1000. This slow process is the reason for keeping a good color saturation. 

Best Features:

One of its unique features is the control panel. Every button is dedicated to individual tasks. It reduces the time consumption for a starter. 

A new user can easily understand the manual for this. The next thing we liked is the ink tank. Two ink tanks are not good at spreading color usually. ThisDeskjet overcomes the problem with their new technologies.


  • USB 2. Wireless.
  • Inkjet 
  • LCD display
  • 1000 duty cycle
  • Good color grading.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Best for product photography.
  • Paper tray capacity could be better.

Buying Guide: What To Look For?

Now, what things should you consider before buying 61 ink printers? Read out the blueprint. 


Professionals’ desks are scattered most of the time. Accommodating a printer in that scary rush is complicated. So a portable or minimal size is good enough. Try to look at the size. Does it fit with your workstation?


HP claimed some brands for 61 inks. Envy, Officejet, and Deskjet are unanimously certified by this brand. This series is compatible with 61 ink cartridges.


USB, Bluetooth, Wireless, and Ethernet connectivity are now trending. So, we recommend you consider these connectivity features before you buy.


Printing speed matters. Believe it or not. The balanced speed with equal ink distribution can reduce 40% of hassle. So check the text, color, and photo printing speed before you buy. 


Hp offers cost-effective ink solutions. Their instant ink program can reduce your monthly cartridge refill cost. 

Another amazing thing is their energy efficiency. We compared the printer’s monthly electric bill. It is less than we expected. So consider these factors before you buy.


Can I use an HP 61 ink instead of an HP 63?

No. HP programmed their printers for a dedicated cartridge so that you get a better result. Using an alternate version can enhance the chances of damaging the printers. 

Are the compatible ink cartridges worth buying?

Of course. Popular brands are preferring this. Using a compatible ink cartridge can keep your printer healthy.

What are the cheapest HP 61 ink cartridges?

CH561WN (black) cartridge is cheap and has a good texture over fonts and characters. We recommend this for monochrome printing.

Risk-Free Deal:

We are at the end of our review journey. All the products you read are compatible with 61 ink. You can rely on this for your day-to-day jobs. Still, we recommend you go through it in detail. Your hard-earning $ needs very good care. So, share this content with your friends. Who knows! You are helping them to make a good buying decision.

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