Canon Pixma TS3120 Review [All-in-One Printer]


The Canon Pixma TS3120 is an all-in-one printer ideal for home use. It is affordable and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for an entry-level printer. 

The Pixma TS3120 can print, scan, and copy, making it a versatile machine. It also has wireless connectivity to print from your mobile devices.

Best for What

T-Series AIOs were designed for working with images; the TS3120’s software bundle consists of utilities for scanning, improving, correcting, managing, and printing photographs.

Using all these features are common is in small businesses and offices. We found so far it is best for Small businesses and offices. 

Print Quality

Canon TS3120 - Print Quality

Can you believe it? A four-ink consumer-grade photo printer can churn out better-looking output than a six-ink one! The answer is tricky.

However, The lines in its text seem well-outlined, well-dilated, and highly legible down to around 5 points in our text document tests. 

This test proves it more appropriate for the family, student, or home office documents than most corporate, business, or other urgent applications. In addition, line graphs and other graphic reports were printed with minimal flaws.

Moreover, The TS3120 is capable of printing beautifully detailed photos. They were vibrant, vivid, and well-colored images that countless people enjoyed.


Canon TS3120 - Speed

The TS3120 is one of the slowest printers in recent years, but it’s not far behind the HP 3755. Since Canon rates the printer at 7.7 pages per minute (ppm for color), Panda rates the TS3120 at 5.5ppm, and the HP 3755’s rating is 5.3ppm.

This means it is slower than some of its competitors. However, when printing a black-and-white Hewlett-Packard lightly formatted word document, the printer outran the TS3120 by 0.8 ppm. HP is a bit fast, right?

That is not the case, We combined the speed test with other competitors like Epson,and Brother. 

TS3120s recorded a considerably slow performance in comparison with them. For example, The average 1 ppm printing speed of Powerpoint, Excel and Acrobat File is considerable. But less than the speed is worth of huge patience. So, in a nutshell, the printer is slow. 


Canon TS3120 - Connectivity

At the lowest end of the Canon Pixma-TS series, the TS3120 offers the fewest connectivity options. Standard connectivity consists of Wi-Fi and connecting to a single PC via USB. You can also print from your Canon EOS camera using PictBridge.

There are several connectivity options to connect a printer to a mobile phone. And in that case the mobile connectivity options on this device are comparable to the Wi-Fi on other devices in its caliber for wireless printing. 

It includes the Canon Print App, Wireless Scanning, and Pixma Cloud Link as add-on features. Canon also has its file-sharing portal.

Cost Per Photo

The TS3120’s 8.7 cent cost per monochrome page and 18.7 cents for color pages are way lower than its competitors! The HP 3755’s color cost per page (CPP) is only 0.3 cents higher than the TS3120’s — and they have the exact monochrome CPP!

Overall, the Photo printing cost is balanced. We noticed this printer is a winner in comparison with Epson.

The Epson XP440 cost 6 cents for black and white and 18 cents for color. With this price, the print quality is not satisfying. We found streaks and color shifts. But a small cost of this Tseries shows an above-average photo and text output.

Why You Should Have It

You will get Canon’s Scan Utility with this machine and an excellent scanning interface for the price and scope of this All-In-One printer!

The master setup tool lets you configure and monitor your printer, while the My Printer Network Tool lets you manage your TS3120 on your wireless network.

Moreover, the printers have the “My Image Garden feature,” a collection of enhancement and correction filters, such as red-eye removal, image cropping, and a few others. 

And then, there’s the Quick Menu, which resides in the lower-right corner of the monitor and comprises a set of shortcuts to most software and hardware features.

Canon TS3120 Wireless All-In-One Printer, White,21.8 x 17.2 x 8.4


  • Inkjet Printer
  • Total 1200+ nozzles
  • 4800 X1200 DPI resolution
  • Five ink cartridge capability
  • 60 sheets of paper capability
  • Flatbed Scanner
  • 8.5 lbs weight 
  • Printer output – Color


  • Affordable price
  • Bluetooth 4 supported
  • Overall, the print quality is good


  • The cost per page is high.

Compare to Similar Product

Only a few AIOs are as small as the TS3120 except the HP DeskJet 3755 (5.6 by 15.9 by 7 inches and 5.1 pounds), though the Epson Expression Home XP-440 Small-in-One comes very close in size and weighs only half a pound more.


What Kind Of Ink Does A Canon TS3120 Use?

The Canon TS3120 uses pigment black ink for printing documents. This type of ink is designed to last longer on the page and provide fade-resistant results. 

The Canon TS3120 also uses dye-based color ink for printing photos and other images. This type of ink produces vibrant colors and is designed to be used on glossy or semi-gloss paper. 

How Do I Connect My Canon Pixma TS3120 To Wi-Fi?

If you want to connect your Canon Pixma TS3120 printer to Wi-Fi, there are a few different ways you can do it.

The first and most common method is the Canon Print Assist program. This program will walk you through connecting your printer to Wi-Fi step-by-step.

Another way to connect your Canon Pixma TS3120 to Wi-Fi is the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) method. This method is typically more accessible and faster than the Canon Print Assist program. 

Find the WPS button on your router and press it to use this method. Then, follow the on-screen instructions on your printer display.

If you’re having trouble connecting your printer to Wi-Fi using either of these methods, you can always try connecting it manually.


Canon Pixma TS3120 is an excellent printer for anyone looking for a quality product at an affordable price. It offers a variety of features that make it a perfect choice for home and office use, and its compact design makes it easy to store and transport.

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